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What is IRG?

The Independent Retailers Group (IRG) is a company created by and owned by a community of like-minded retailers with similar values currently serving over 150 markets throughout the United States, Canada and 4 other countries. While each of us is “Independent” we face similar challenges. Joining together as a “Group” creates positive changes for all retailers and the industry while keeping customers as our priority by providing great omni experiences and brand selection.

IRG has two main areas of focus:

1. Strengthen Independent Brick and Mortar retailers through collaboration and product development.

2. Create mutually beneficial relationships with manufacturers allowing for a sustainable retailer ROI.

These IRG value statements articulate a common set of beliefs on which strong, sustainable relationships between IRG Members, Vendor Partners, and customers can be built.

IRG Membership Values

  • Create value by using our strengths to benefit our customers, vendors, and each other.
  • Work together to build sustainable vendor relationships that when combined with our unique strengths provide our customers the services, products, and support only independent retailers can.
  • Build customer relationships that third party e-commerce platforms cannot.
  • Collaborate with vendors for brands that optimize each retailer’s assortment.
  • Listen to learn from each other, vendors, and customers professionally, positively, and respectfully.
  • Each member speaks for themselves not for IRG or other IRG members.
  • IRG speaks for its members in a defined manner that reflects IRG values and supports IRG members.
  • Recognition that independent retailers may have differing opinions and the right to express them separately from IRG.

Vendor Partnership Values for a Mutually Beneficial Relationship

  • Partnerships that create strong, sustainable, and profitable outcomes for both partners.
  • Transparency through consistent, honest, and open communication.
  • Value creation through effective utilization of each partner’s strengths.
  • Understanding each partner has unique business realities beyond the partnership.

Fundamentals behind Vendor Partnership Values

  • Retailers provide vendors with direct product placement, visibility, and customer support.
  • Retailers bring vendors directly to the customer and high support Group ecosystem.
  • Exclusive brands that stop the continuous discounting required by eCommerce and direct channels.
  • Provide protected brands where retailers can leverage their strengths and create sustainability.
  • Average MAP IMU’s (target 60%) that support today’s Retail Cost structure.
  • MAP pricing with no off-MAP periods.
  • Not available on DTC, Amazon and third-party marketplaces.
  • Mutual accountability through documented, transparent expectations, benefits, and results.

At IRG, we believe that our values and ownership structure go hand in hand to foster a collaborative environment. Our members work alongside vendors, suppliers and other members to establish mutually beneficial and profitable relationships. By leveraging the unique strengths of independent retailers, we create synergy in the supply chain that promotes accountability, transparency and openness. This approach results in optimal outcomes for everyone involved, enabling us to build long lasting and sustainable partnerships that drive business growth and success.

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